Die NaPA Betriebe

The heart of the NaPA project is formed by 19 farms, selected for their sustainability-oriented management and their commitment to more nature-positive and future-proof farming. Farmers in the project come together to discuss the central issues of our agriculture, learn from each others’ professional experience and actively contribute to the development of sustainable agricultural systems.

Napa Betriebe

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Gut Klockenhagen

Gut Klockenhagen, located in the Vorpommern-Rügen district, manages over 2400 hectares of arable and grassland areas entirely organically. In addition to organic cattle farming, bull fattening, sow husbandry, and organic pig fattening, the farm emphasizes animal welfare and environmental protection. Modern, data-driven technology and collaborations, such as with the "Network Blooming Landscape," support this philosophy. Collaboration with science, ongoing development, and diversification characterize the modern organic farm. Gut Klockenhagen aims for a completely closed nutrient cycle and continuously develops its methods.